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If you strive for excellence in your life, you have found the people who have turned residential and commercial architectural and construction dreams into reality for more than 30 years.

Michael Menn Ltd. is your premier source for both design (architecture) excellence and build (construction) excellence. We strive to exceed the goals of our clients, be it for renovation, remodeling, additions or new construction. Get started on your new project today! See why having a single source for design and construction is important. On the residential side, we design and build kitchens, bath suites, and complete home projects, including exteriors. We provide these services for single family homes, townhouses, multi-family dwellings and high rise living units. On the commercial side, we design and build everything from restaurants and retail spaces to office buildings to healthcare facilities and more. I encourage you to take your time as you navigate through this site. Read about our services, look at our work. But make sure you read about our values. Those are what truly set us apart. Then, when you are ready, call us or drop us an e-mail. We can’t wait to hear from you. Sincerely, Michael Menn Michael A. Menn AIA, NCARB, NKBA, CGR, CAPS, CGP

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Evaluating Your Home Energy Efficiency

Evaluating Your Home Energy Efficiency

We all want to make our lives less dependent on chemical cleaners, making things greener in the process. If you can make your home energy-efficient, then you will lower your carbon footprint while at the same time making your monthly expenses smaller as well. The trick is making sure you evaluate the home beforehand, making sure you know its weaknesses and what you can do to address them and make them better. Many of these tests can be done by yourself, and often in less than an hour. While they will not really tell you everything you need to know, you will at least be able to understand what can be done to improve things. Here are some of the strategies you can use for yourself and information on what you can do with the help of a specialist.

Checking on Windows and Doors

You can begin your efforts by checking up on all your windows and doors to see whether you have any drafts in it. The way to approach this is to close all the doors and windows of your home, then lock them up. Turn on the air conditioning or heating of your home, bathroom … Read More »


Technology is Everywhere

This month I reached out to a friend and info/technology geek I trust to help with my monthly blog.

Technology is everywhere. It’s hard to imagine any aspect of our lives that doesn’t involve it. From phones to our cars, from work to our home, technology enhances our lives, bringing us closer to information, entertainment, and each other. Often though, our different devices exist in isolation, connecting us to the world, but rarely working together to create a more elegant whole. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Imagine a home that greets you by unlocking the front door, disabling the security system, turning on the lights, and welcoming you with your favorite music. Imagine a home that automatically lowers shades before the sun can fade your furniture and decor. Imagine a favorite song playing in each room of the house, or the latest hit film streaming and displayed across a wall-sized screen. Imagine promoting all this from your smart phone or iPad.

This is only the beginning of the promise offered by an intelligent home. Beyond showcasing the latest technology, the ultimate goal is to make interaction with your homes advanced automation features a pleasure. Exceptionally easy, yet wonderfully sophisticated, it is technology designed to help you manage your life. It’s about living in the home of the future now.

Once … Read More »