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On the residential side, we design and build kitchens, bath suites, and complete home projects, including exteriors. We provide these services for single family homes, townhouses, multi-family dwellings and high rise living units. On the commercial side, we design and build everything from restaurants and retail spaces to office buildings to healthcare facilities and more.

I encourage you to take your time as you navigate through this site. Read about our services, look at our work. But make sure you read about our values. Those are what truly set us apart. Then, when you are ready, call us or drop us an e-mail. We can’t wait to hear from you.


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Trading Possessions For Passion

Every time I blog about living with passion and purpose, some readers tell me “that sounds great, Michael, but I don’t have enough time to do what I need to do, let alone pursue my dreams.”


My response? Do you have one hour a week? That’s the small amount of time I commit to defining my priorities and setting time boundaries — and the benefits are remarkable.

Even if your hectic schedule seems beyond your control, devote just one hour to slowing down and ordering your life around what matters most. When you do this, you’ll become more aware of the opportunities awaiting you and how to seize them.


How should you spend this hour? There are two key tasks:


1. Define Your Core Values


Your core values are the fundamental life principles that are most meaningful to who you are and what is most important. For example, my main core value is family. If you’re not clear about what yours are, your life can move in directions that are a waste of your time.


When you use your core values as the benchmark for all your decisions, you can quickly and easily simplify your life. So start off your hour by putting these values in … Read More »


Home Is Where The Office Is

More than 33 million Americans are now working from home — an increase of over 17% since 2006 — according to the global HR association WorldatWork. And the smartest ones have spent some time and attention to designing their home office.


The kitchen table may be convenient, but it’s usually not the most productive space — too casual, and not effectively separated from the home environment. To do serious work from home, you need to think first about the work you do, the equipment it takes, and the space you’ll require.


For starting the process, I like using the five-step approach of designer Neal Zimmerman in his Home Workspace Idea Book. He recommends that you:

Determine your needs.

What office equipment: computers, printers, copiers, faxes? How much filing space? Will you need meeting space separate from your desk? Will you have other employees? What about space for specialized projects — for example, I need a drafting station to work on drawings and plans.


Choose a location.

Consider whether the space will have to shared with other family members: that den or spare bedroom that may be fine most of the day can suddenly require negotiation when the kids come home from school and want … Read More »


Spring Awakening and Design

This month we reached out to a Chicago Interior Designer we enjoy collaborating with as our guest blogger! We think Cadmium Interiors is great at what they do and how they help to compliment our collaborative team. I met Kristin Taghon at a Powerhouse SMART® event which is a networking group for Luxury Design-Build professionals. Read below, Kristin’s thoughts on simplifying, organizing and interior design!

Spring evokes feelings of awakening and renewal, beauty and even simplification. Every spring we speak of Spring Cleaning and removing clutter from our lives. We want to see clearly out our windows at the fresh new foliage, toss open those windows to welcome the new season. When we open our world to others, we want to be proud of our space, which we hope is uncluttered, orderly and beautiful.

Interior Design is often equated to beauty. Ancient Roman Architecture equated beauty to order. We also relate order to efficiency. And efficiency requires simplification.

As an interior designer, my goal is to help our clients to simplify their lives and in turn, produce spatial balance, organization and beauty. This is done by creating balance in color, texture, weight of furniture and architectural elements, as well as guaranteeing the client has enough storage, lighting, electrical … Read More »

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